Art in The 21st Century: Identity
Art in The 21st Century: Identity

Art in The 21st Century: Identity

Illuminations Media

Identity examines the works and artisitc processes of artist Bruce Nauman, Kerry James Marshall, Maya Lin and Louise Bourgeois.

It is an exploration of identity, stereotyping, self-awareness, and the familliar versus the foreign. The episode features a whimsical collaborative sketch between photographer and arists William Wegman and actor, playwright and comedian Steve Martin to show how illusions and perception can inform identity.

Bruce Nauman's art is used to explore how functionality can dictate identity and how our understanding of identity can be streched when the familiar is presented as alien, Kerry James Marshall's variety of visual works, from paintings to comic strips that feature African sculptures, blend influences of Renaissance painting and African-American traditions to challenge history's influence on stereotyping.

Famous fo her winning design of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, Maya Lin is shown transforming an urban park in Michigan in a work that identifies itself with its physical location; the project features a fibre optic skating rink that mimics the night sky.

The works of Louise Bourgeois explore the themes of emotion and identity by taking inspiration from ther own biography. Bourgeois' installations, drawings, and public sculptures encourage their viewers to connect their own lives to the artwork.



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