Art in The 21st Century: Structures
Art in The 21st Century: Structures

Art in The 21st Century: Structures

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How do we organise life? What are the ways in which we capture knowledge and attempt greater understanding? The Art21 documentary Structuresexplores these questions in the work of the artists Roni Horn, Matthew Ritchie, Fred Wilson and Richard Tuttle, concluding with an original video artwork byTeresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler. 

Roni Horn describes drawing as the key activity in all her work, “because drawing is about composing relationships.” Horn’s drawings concentrate on the materiality of the objects depicted.  She uses words as the basis for drawings and other works. Horn crafts complex relationships between the viewer and her work by installing a single piece on opposing walls, in adjoining rooms, or throughout a series of buildings.

 Matthew Ritchie's artistic mission has been no less ambitious than an attempt to represent the entire universe and the structures of knowledge and belief that we use to understand and visualize it. Ritchie’s encyclopaedic project stems from his imagination, and is catalogued in a conceptual chart replete with allusions drawn from Judeo-Christian religion, occult practices, Gnostic traditions, and scientific elements and principles.

Commenting on his unorthodox artistic practice, Fred Wilson creates new exhibition contexts for the display of art and artefacts found in museum collections - including wall labels, sound, lighting, and non-traditional pairings of objects. His installations lead viewers to recognize that changes in context create changes in meaning.

 Although most of Richard Tuttle’s prolific artistic output since the beginning of his career in the 1960s has taken the form of three-dimensional objects, he commonly refers to his work as drawing rather than sculpture, emphasizing the diminutive scale and idea-based nature of his practice.

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