San Rocco Magazine #13
San Rocco Magazine #13

San Rocco Magazine #13

San Rocco

San Rocco is a magazine about architecture. San Rocco does not solve problems. It is not a useful magazine. San Rocco is neither serious nor friendly.

San Rocco is written by architects. As such, San Rocco is not particularly intelligent, or philologically accurate. In San Rocco, pictures are more important than texts.

San Rocco is serious. It takes the risk of appearing naive. San Rocco will not last for ever. There will be no more than 20 San Roccos for the single five-year plan.

Issue 13:

If you do dare to mention beauty, then some well-in- tentioned idiot says “beauty is subjective”, as if this in- disputable truth (given that beauty is, of course, sub- jective) would implicitly mean that nothing subjec- tive and shared (or universal, or common, or whatever you’d like to call it) could possibly exist; as if subjects could never agree, or could never admit their shared nature and recognize themselves in what, in the end, is nothing more than this: the sudden appearance of something that we all like, something to which we would all like to surrender ourselves (i.e., the sudden appearance of beauty). So, yes: beauty is subjective. But this is no reason to stop worrying about beauty.

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