Ten Essential Travel Guides To Add To Your Collection

Having a physical travel guide with you is always a wise choice when exploring a new city. There's something wonderful about carrying a printed guide with you and not having to worry about finding a strong enough WiFi connection, or worrying about the status of your battery. Whether you're searching for architectural walks, trendy bars or influential cultural spaces, we've selected some of the world's best travel guides to help get you there. Our online store has a growing range for you to choose from with over 200 titles currently in stock under our 'Travel Guides' product category. To help you navigate through our collection we thought we'd highlight ten of our bestselling brands.


B: Brand Documentary Magazine Portland Berlin Seoul Travel Guides


1. B: Brand Documentary Magazine
B Magazine is a Korean publication that attempts to discover truly great brands from today's market where countless brand-named products are overflowing. To date there have been 65 issues released. Each issue is dedicated to the story of one selected brand — although a couple of years ago the magazine launched annual city guides starting with B: Brand Documentary Magazine #43 Berlin issue two years ago, followed by last year’s B: Brand Documentary Magazine #50 Seoul and the most recent B: Brand Documentary Magazine #58 Portland.

The team’s decision to cover an entire city reflects their expanding views on the concept of a brand. The magazine looks at the community of local businesses, artisans, the culture, attractions, neighbourhoods, spaces, objects, brands and people. Each of their city issues set out to explore what people wear, what they eat, what they drink, and where they live, work and shop. By paying attention to the values of these people, the B: Brand team have gained a better sense of what each city’s entrepreneurial spirit is all about.

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Blue Crow Media Travel Guides Maps Design Architecture


2. Blue Crow Media Architecture & Design City Maps
Founded in 2009 by Derek Lamberton, Blue Crow Media is an independent publisher dedicated to creating thoughtfully designed and carefully curated city maps. The Blue Crow Media range of publications include a series of architecture and design guides and maps described by The New York Times as "part design manifesto, part urban architecture guide". 

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Cereal City Guides Travel Copenhagen Los Angeles London


3. Cereal City Guides
Cereal Magazine have spent many years travelling to cities around the world and sought out places they believe to be unique, interesting and enjoyable. Their selection of guidebooks offer experiences that combine quality with meticulous design. These guides offer practical advice of where to stay, where to eat, what to see, and where to shop. Featured spaces include a well-considered selection of shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes and other points of interest. Available cities include Cereal City Guide: Copenhagen,  Cereal City Guide: London and Cereal City Guide: Los Angeles.

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CitiX60 City Travel Guides


4. CITIx60 City Guides by Viction:ary
A unique collaboration with local creatives from selected cities, each CITIx60 City Guide points you to 60 hangouts loved by 60 stars of the cities’ creative scene, covering architecture, art spaces, shops and markets, eating and entertainment. All featured artists and designers are at the cutting edge of what’s on and when, and known for their accomplishments in fields across advertising, architecture and graphics, fashion, industry and food, music and publishing. CITIx60 City Guides have featured 20 of the world’s top creative capitals, including London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Vienna, Stockholm, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Milan and Portland.

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Footpath Guides Sydney Architecture Walks


5. Footpath Guides Sydney Architectural Walking Tours
Footpath Guides feature clear maps, concise descriptions and accurate illustrations, showcasing notable examples from each architectural era, spanning the 1810s to the 1990s. The guides are playful, timeless and informative. Meticulously designed in the graphic style of each era, mixing vintage patterns, retro fonts, clashing colours and abstraction. This series of 90 page walking guides offer a unique way to explore Sydney’s architectural history. Clear maps, concise descriptions and accurate illustrations enable an easy and informative self-guided tour experience.

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Herb Lester Associates Travel Guides Maps


6. Herb Lester Associates Illustrated Maps
Herb Lester Associates specialise in city guides aimed at those "looking for the usual and unusual". Their beautifully illustrated maps are folded pocket-size guides to the world's greatest cities, shedding light on obscure locations as well as revisiting well-known ones with a fresh perspective. The Herb Lester team write, research, and collaborate with well-known illustrators and designers from around the world to produce these travel guides.

Each folded guide uncovers what makes a city special its most distinctive shops, restaurants, cafés, bars, museums and galleries, whether unmissable old favourites, exciting new arrivals or overlooked treasures. Each entry comes with its own brief description, and a basic map helps the reader get their bearings and make plans.

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Lodestars Anthology Travel Magazine Japan Sweden


7. Lodestars Anthology
Lodestars Anthology is not your average travel magazine. It is an independent magazine-meets-journal for curious travellers who long to be inspired, see the world and meet interesting characters along the road. Focusing on one country per issue, it is a scrapbook of places, getting to the heart of a location. By looking at a destination’s history, charm, quirks, secret corners and fascinating residents, Lodestars Anthology aims to encapsulate the essence of a country in a very fresh way. The publication is all about creativity, travel and exploration one you’ll ideally like to keep atop a coffee table.

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Lost In City Travel Guides


8. Lost In City Guides
Getting lost in the city is not about throwing away the map. Getting lost is diving headfirst into what makes each city its own. In these paperback guides, the team present cities from a local’s perspective. Surrender yourself to the real essence of the place the sights, smells, flavours and sounds that make it unique. The art and creativity that make it come alive. Get inspired by interviews with local curators from diverse backgrounds including artists, chefs, DJs and bloggers. Their tips are complemented by photographs and in-depth stories delving into each city.

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Monocle Travel Guides Tokyo Kyoto


9. Monocle Travel Guides
The Monocle Travel Guides are a collection of hardcover guide books published in collaboration with Gestalten. Monocle reports from around the globe in print, on radio, and online. As its editors and correspondents dart from city to city, they get to know the best places to rest their heads, stretch their limbs, and kick back with a contact in a hard-to-find cocktail bar. That information is now available in The Monocle Travel Guide Series: a line-up of titles that speaks to you in an informed but informal way about everything from architecture to art, late-night bars to early-morning markets. Each edition also covers local spots including restaurants, bars, shops, music venues and museums. The series mix the classic with the contemporary, go beyond the conventional, and reveal all the hidden spots that cities have to offer.

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Wallpaper City Guides Phaidon Marrakech


10. Wallpaper* City Guides
Phaidon’s Wallpaper* City Guides are your passport to the best the world has to offer, presenting an insider's checklist of all you need to know about the world's most intoxicating cities. Focusing on architecture, art and design, each unique guide is illustrated with more than 50 striking colour photographs. Under stylish Pantone covers, these pocket-sized travel bibles reveal a city's hippest nightlife, buzziest hotels, coolest retail, most influential art galleries and cultural spaces and the best in local design and contemporary architecture. The Wallpaper* City Guides series covers more than 100 destinations, from Atlanta to Zurich.

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