The Top 9 Publications Every Brand Specialist Should Read

How do you define and implement a brand strategy? How do you bridge the gap between brand strategy and brand execution? How do you come up with a good name? To help navigate through the 339 publications under our branding category we thought we would select some of our most recommended branding books for brand specialists and designers. We hope you find them helpful!

 Designing Brand Identity Alina Wheeler

Don't Call It That Eli Altman

1. Designing Brand Identity (Fifth Edition) by Alina Wheeler

Designing Brand Identity offers a proven, universal five-phase process for creating and implementing effective brand identity. This book is the number one resource for brand builders, bringing readers up-to-date with a detailed look at the latest trends in branding, including social networks, mobile devices, global markets, apps, video, and virtual brands. The final section of the book features a selection of 51 case studies showcasing successful world-class brands, describing their goals, processes, strategy, solutions and results.

2. Don't Call It That by Eli Altman
Names are the start of every brand story and Eli Altman, the Creative Director at A Hundred Monkeys will walk you through the naming process. Don’t Call It That is a step-by-step naming workbook that guides you through the ins and outs of the entire process. The book is broken up into 23 chapters on topics including why names make our lives easier, where good names come from, getting people to give a shit and why some words are better on their own.

B: Brand Documentary Magazine Moleskine


3. B: Brand Documentary Magazine by JOH Company
B Magazine is a Korean publication that attempts to discover truly great brands from today's market where countless brand-named products are overflowing. Each issue is dedicated to the story of one selected brand packed with B's unique insights and in-depth analysis. This magazine is for anyone who would like to learn more about brand marketing and management, is looking at starting a business or has an interest in branding. Our best-selling issues in the collection including Aesop, MUJI, IKEA, Acne Studios, LEGO, Helvetica and Patagonia.

4. Branded Interactions: Creating the Digital Experience by Marco Spies
Branded Interactions is a practical guide that steers you through the process of digital brand design in five key phases: discovering a demographic, defining an action plan, designing an interface, delivering a quality product, and distributing the design to the marketplace. The layout is clear and simple with beautiful graphics that illustrate the processes involved.


Branded Interactions Thames & Hudson Creating Digital Experience

The Brand Gap Marty Neiumer

5. The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier
Marty Neumeier is an American author who writes about branding, design, creativity and innovation. His first book The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design brings the big ideas of branding into sharp focus. The 5 key disciplines (differentiate, collaborate, innovate, validate and cultivate) help companies and creatives bridge the gap between brand strategy and brand execution. A great use of illustrations and diagrams accompany the text, making the information easy to digest and a pleasure to read. This is a wonderful book for anyone wanting to better understand the world of branding.

6. ZAG by Marty Neumeier
Marty Neumeier's second book Zag: The #1 Strategy of High-Performance Brands illustrates the importance of radical differentiation in business. The book focuses on doing something different and truly distinctive. It is made up of three key chapters: Finding Your Zag, Designing Your Zag and Renewing Your Zag. Neumeier offers clear directions for building better and stronger brands and (more importantly) how to keep them fresh and relevant. As with 'The Brand Gap', the design of the book and the content is easy-to-read, use and remember.


1:1 The Essence of Retail Branding BIS Publishers

7. 1:1 The Essence of Retail Branding by Michel van Tongeren

1:1 The Essence of Retail Branding And Design is a book about how you can achieve great branding in retail. It explains how to stay alert to changes, how to get deep insight about your brand and how to translate your brand into an excellent operating retail formula. The book covers everything you need to know on retail branding, retail formula development and out-of-the-box thinking. This book is relevant for physical stores as well as virtual retail.

8. The Brand Handbook by Wally Olins
Wally Olins is one of the world's leading practitioners of branding and identity. The Brand Handbook is an essential guide to branding what brands are, how to create them, how to make them work and how to sustain them. The book has been written based around Wally Olins' lifetime experience working at Saffron as well as in his former companies. The book is intended to help people who look after brands. It is also intended for students of business and design to get a real grip on the subject.

9. Creative Personal Branding by Jurgen Salenbacher
Creative Personal Branding is an A5 paperback, with 223 pages of insights, graphics and challenging assignments. In this innovative book Jurgen Salenbacher shares his unique coaching method designed to develop creative thinking and innovation. Creative Personal Branding is broken up into six chapters Reflect!, Reframe!, Create!, Grow!, Differentiate! and Go! The book's four key values are substance, style, conviction and grace. The book aims to develop creative leadership, helping you identify where to go, how to get there and with whom. The book is a unique resource for creative minds, entrepreneurs and teams.


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