3deluxe: Noor Island


RRP: $65.00


An inspiring book showcasing 3deluxe’s visionary transformation of Noor Island in Sharjah that blurs the lines between reality and imagination. On Noor Island, a long-term uncultivated isle in Sharjah’s centrally situated Khalid lagoon, an ambitious building project was just completed. Under contract to the state development authority Shurooq and project initiator André Heller, 3deluxe designed a 2.4 hectare landscaped park, boasting a scenery enhanced by multimedia and three buildings.

The flowing contours of the pedestrian bridge, the shimmering golden freeform of the butterfly house and the blossom-shaped literature pavilion form a truly iconic ensemble. The park became an urban place that subtly inspires and sensitizes people. A place that forms a new mosaic tile in the memory of the city’s inhabitants.

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