Art In The 21st Century: Balance DVD


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Category: DVDs

Subjects: Art, Film & Cinema


In what ways can art convey equilibrium or disquilibrium? What is reality? How do artists perceive and express it?

Balance features the American artist Sarah Sze, English painter Rackstraw Downes, and American minimalist Robert Mangold. Sze creates massive but intricate works that are produced with the space being used in mind.

Downes' work utilise a vastness of scope as well a meticulous attention to detail, best epitomised in the use of horizontal lines 'bending' to acknowledge the bending of the earth's horizon. In contrast, Mangold's work's immediate simplicity betray a complexity that rewards the scrutinty of the viewer.

All three artist's works explore the distinctions between balance and imbalance, and demonstrate that the smallest change in a line, a formal element or a structure can be a radical proposition.

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