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This comprehensive profile of Andy Warhol was produced and directed by Kim Evans in 1987, the same year that the artist died. Originally shown in The South Bank Show and introduced by Melvyn Bragg, the film is one of the first (and best) documentaries about the whole life and career of the twentieth century’s most recognisable artist. At the heart of the film are the interviews with many of Warhol’s confidantes and Factory regulars, together with his nephew Jamie Warhola and biographer Victor Bockris.

What emerges is the story of the artist’s life and work told through the eyes of those closest to him. It's an amazing story. From a very early age, Warhol is revealed to have been obsessed with the stars and starlets of Hollywood’s golden age. This idolisation, according to Bockris, served as a form of escapism from the deprivation of his childhood and remained with Warhol throughout his life, informing much of his art. Ivan Karp, the art dealer who first introduced Warhol to the New York art world, also talks interestingly about the young artist’s often-uneasy relationship to even his own work.

The film charts his career as he moved from painting -- he declared himself a ‘retired artist’ as early as 1965 -- towards film, television and even music promos.

Interviews with Paul Morrissey, the director of many of his films and television programmes, Vincent Fremont, executive manager of Warhol studios, as well as many of those who appeared in his underground features, offer a unique insight in to Warhol’s obsessive relationship with the camera.

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