Bad Driving by Louis Porter


RRP: $20.00

Category: Books

Subjects: Art, Photography


Bad Driving is a new book of photographs by British-born photographer and strict passenger Louis Porter. That’s right, Porter doesn’t drive. Well, he once attempted it, but things didn’t end so positively.

Somewhat perturbed, he began photographing minor accidents, taking a kind of guilty pleasure in the assortment of bingles, dings and bumper scrapes that scarred his adopted hometown of Melbourne.

Bad Driving is a chronicle of such minor automotive mishaps. Adhering to what Porter describes as a broader thread of “very small-scale suburban conflict photography”, these stunningly composed, colour-saturated images prove both humorous and incisive.

Indeed, while bright and playful, there’s also a quietness to these works. No cars are to be seen; the dramatic and the spectacular are off-limits. Rather, Porter records the auxiliary evidence: the bent poles, the twisted fences and the toppled post boxes. We’re left to do the rest. Bad Driving is printed in a limited edition of 500, hand numbered copies.

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