BranD Magazine #16 Science Of Design



A bimonthly English-language magazine tailored for both established and emerging Brand Design professionals around the world.

Published in Hong Kong and distributed internationally since 2012, [BranD] informs and influences a wide range of designers and initiatives with the latest top Brand Design cases, concepts and trend leading visions.

Every issue showcases a world of around a hundred designers and initiatives with coverage across VI, BI and MI elements of Brand Design.

IN THIS ISSUE: The milestones of Science have always been the defining moments of human understanding and conquering the nature. Design, as the ultimate medium of how science is being shaped and carried via multiple functions, has come to the centre stage of how people understand their interaction with the world.

The rise of design not only increased the chances of successful actualization of various scientific analyses of human behaviours and ambitions, but also made it possible for designers to create new human interactions (interaction design) and experiences (experiences design).

This issue explores the beautiful interactions between science and design, the inspirations of science over design and the designs that have made science approachable and understandable, together to define the future trend of Rational Design Methodology for communication design world.

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