BranD Magazine #20 Cultural Symbols


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A bimonthly English-language magazine tailored for both established and emerging Brand Design professionals around the world. Published in Hong Kong and distributed internationally since 2012, [BranD] informs and influences a wide range of designers and initiatives with the latest top Brand Design cases, concepts and trend leading visions.

Every issue showcases a world of around a hundred designers and initiatives with coverage across VI, BI and MI elements of Brand Design. We are living in a city abundant with cultural marks.

Nowadays, with more and more construction and demolition, a lot of urban cultural symbols are gradually vanishing from our lives. All forms of demonstration are held everywhere around the world, expressing their dissatisfaction with the way of construction in the cost of culture. Though curious about the unknown, people are still filled with a feeling of nostalgia towards those familiar scenes from bygone days. To be frank, there is a clear cry for culture.

Designers from different sectors have already become aware of such a need, which drives them to record the cultural marks through their design. Architectural design, product design and brand design, though in different forms, can bring people into familiar contexts. Such way of design may has also become a way of creation. In this issue we choose tea, wafuu, retro and Thailand -- as our four themes with which to present a visual journey through the design within different cultures.

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