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When I was a child, I wished there was no writing so that I didn’t have to do my home-work or copy for punishment. Or all the characters could turn into illustrations, this way we’ll only need to watch and appreciate the article as now it’s just a picture.

In the 20th century, human made images into videos, movies, etc. They have their own history and come with special effects. However, is such carrier and culture reliable? In July 2006, the major power outage in New York had paralysed all the electronic products like televisions and computers. What if the outage happens in a larger area and lasts for a longer time? Without electricity all audio and video materials would be gone. On the contrary, we can still read books in the daytime, and continue with candle at night. It isn’t because we have books, but because of writing and characters—the eternal culture carrier.

Ignorance is around us. It is everywhere and as proud as lucifer. In contrast, knowledge is fragile and dubious about itself. Do you still believe that writing and characters are important?

If not, why more and more font designer keep coming up? This issue is dedicated to those who love fonts and font design!

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