BranD Magazine #27 Designer & Era



A bimonthly English-language magazine tailored for both established and emerging Brand Design professionals around the world. Published in Hong Kong and distributed internationally since 2012, [BranD] informs and influences a wide range of designers and initiatives with the latest top Brand Design cases, concepts and trend leading visions.

BranD has always been keen on observing and studying the development trends of brand design. Design can vary so much in different areas, because the markets provide different needs and different technologies can bring together different working methods. Also, the designs have different meanings and express forms, above all, designers of different periods have different thoughts and design methods. These are what brand designers expect to know more.

Starting from three themes: Rebrand, Graphic Design History, and the Golden Era of Design, in this issue we try to explore features of design works and ideas from designers of different generations. In Rebrand, we try to find out how to revitalise a brand; in Graphic Design History, we present you the changes of design styles during more than 100 years; while in the Golden Era of Design, we show you opinions and ideas of designers born in different decades.

As renowned designer Stefan Sagmeister says, 'my favourite design period would be the past 5 years. Design gets better and better'. What's your fasvourite design period then? Let's start this graphic trip and enjoy more interesting ideas.

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