Cabana Magazine Issue #08 Fall/Winter 2018


RRP: $69.95


Cabana Magazine is a biannual international interiors magazine, based in London and printed in Italy. Each issue is a sort of handmade creation with innovative printing techniques, specialty papers and finishes each selected to enhance the particular interior it represents making it a true collectible good. It is a journey through undiscovered houses and hidden corners around the world.

This issue focuses on America - featuring interiors, artisanal creations, Navajo rugs, quilts and tramp art. America’s history at Monticello and its present is the feature of 16 pages in an article titled “Looking to the past to live in the future”. Cabana’s issue eight is in collaboration with Ralph Lauren. It comes in five different cover fabrics, all by Ralph Lauren.

Please note: The magazine covers for this issue vary and particular covers can not be specified.

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