Change Ahead: How Research And Design Are Transforming Business Strategy



Change Ahead, by the author Carola Verschoor, is about the emerging practices at the intersection of business strategy, research, and design. It reveals her philosophy, working processes, and approaches to business creation and development. It introduces the need for an adventurous, explorative mindset in order to grow businesses that last by creating meaning and relevance with and for people.

This book discusses what needs to change as we emerge out of the industrial model and into an age of creative empowerment. Furthermore, it goes beyond the discussion to provide practical tools to businesses in the 21st century for them to evolve into adaptive systems through an integrative model of learning and doing, understanding and making, research and design.

The book also features short interviews with 42 pioneers and experts, who were each asked a few simple questions. Their widely different responses sometimes reflect the past and at other times provide a glimpse of the future.

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