CITIX60 City Guides: Lisbon


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Covering architecture, art spaces, shops and markets, dining and entertainment, CITIx60 Lisbon City Guide points you to 60 hangouts endorsed by 60 personalities of Lisbon’s creative scene.

Lisbon is fast evolving into a creative Mecca, with fearless young talents making great use of low rents and neglected buildings for innovative food, art, shopping and culture endeavours. The city’s rich heritage and traditions are the foundations for the its forward-thinking culture and buzzing creativity.

From legendary markets and religious monuments to contemporary galleries and haute cuisine, Lisbon champions its history whilst looking keenly to the future. All at the forefront of their respective creative fields, from film-making and culinary endeavours to advertising and design, see what featured local ambassadors consider an essential to-do list. Initiated and edited by viction:ary, this pocket-sized guide sports an artistic edge with a city map jacket drawn by Angela aka Kruella.

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