Creativity in Business: The Basic Guide for Generating and Selecting Ideas


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Category: Books

Subjects: Branding, Business, Creative Thinking


Creativity in Business is the basic guide for idea generation and selection. Focussed specifically on business and education. The book outlines the 4 step creative process: - Ask the right questions - Generate a lot of ideas - Select the right ones - Start implementing Turn idea-killers into idea-boosters!

Make creativity happen in your organisation, business or educational institution. Creativity in Business is the revised version of Creativity Today -the management book on applied creativity- which has already inspired tens of thousands of managers, teachers, and students around the world.

Now this book is made available again in a revised version, with a new title, subtitle, partial content updates and cover design, all intended to position this creativity classic and to emphasize its attractiveness as a basic guide for businesses and organizations that wish to become more creative.

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