Cyber Reader


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Subjects: Digital, Writings & Theory


This text is an introduction to key texts related to the theme of cyberspace — the virtual communicative space created by digital technologies — offering the reader an overview of cyberspace theories through extracts of some of the best writings of this wide-ranging subject.

Cyberspace culture is itself cross-disciplinary: this book includes texts from a variety of fields concerned with cyberspace - science, complexity theory, philosophy and metaphysics, sexual politics, art and architecture as well as science fiction — illustrating how these different disciplines inform one another, providing an illuminating and original collection of key extracts from books and essays on the subject.

The extracts are presented in chronological order, beginning with some precursors to cyberspace theory as we know it today. Extracts by early theoreticians such as Charles Babbage or Alan Turing, or writers such as E.M. Forster help to give a historical perspective to the subject.

Each extract is prefaced by a short introduction that contextualizes the piece, explains the key themes and terms alluded to in the extract, and cross-refers it to other texts in the book.

This text is an informative guide to cyberspace culture and should be an excellent intrduction for students working within the disciplines covered in the book.

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