Different Brains, Different Approach


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Finally, a book that describes the neurological differences between the male and female brain and how this is implemented in advertising! The book describes how men and women think, the origin of their emotions, and why they make certain decisions.

Find out why women like shopping so much, why humorous ads appeal to men, or why women make better decisions. 80% of all purchases worldwide are made or influenced by women. Why is advertising so often aimed at men?

Find the answer to the life-long question about differences in purchasing motivation between men and women, and learn to implement this in advertising. Learn the do’s and don’ts for effective communication for both men and women.

Although this book is written from a scientific perspective, thanks to the numerous interesting examples and tips, it is easy to implement and useful for advertising campaigns. In short, a must-have for all marketers, strategists, creatives, students, or anyone working with brands. Marketers and strategists will benefit from an enlarged body of knowledge, while creatives will learn how to develop more effective ad campaigns.

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