Four&Sons Issue #08 — Autumn 2017


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Subjects: Fashion, Lifestyle, Photography

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In this issue we challenge stereotypes, big and small. Klaus Dyba’s portraits of hairless dogs embrace the bald and the beautiful, Winnie Au’s fashion-inspired photos take the shame out of the cone, and the stellar lineup in the new-release book Really Good Dog Photography stir us well away from the obvious fluff.

We marvel at artists who can breath life into hounds on paper, screen and space over and over again. We travel to Seoul, a city with a penchant for multi-tasking, and to the heart of Australia, where dogs can easily become a hungry croc’s lunch. We fall in love with the ultimate four-legged bad-asses (we are looking at you, Brian Griffin) and we hang with farm dogs and their hip humans in the rolling hills of the Hudson Valley. And we detour to Osaka, Harlem, and London to meet a design-savvy pack of mutts, a protective French bulldog named after Frida Kahlo, and a pup who shares the limelight with hot dogs. All this, and more, inside the covers.

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