Goodvertising: Creative Advertising That Cares


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Category: Books

Subjects: Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design


Can advertising be a force for good? Can it bring about positive social or environmental change? Should it tell the truth about a brand?

With today’s consumers being more informed, empowered and ethically minded than ever, advertising needs to do all those things and more. No longer can an agency simply state that their client’s brand or product is good: the advertising has to communicate that the client is actively being and doing good.

Goodvertising showcases outstanding creative work from over 120 campaigns from around ,the world, organized into ten commitment chapters. Each campaign is from a leading agency working in the full spectrum of media channels for an international array of clients, be they corporations or charities.

For any advertising or branding professional, this timely and much-needed book will provide inspiration and insights, along with proof positive of the power of advertising for good.

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