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GRAPHIC is a graphic magazine published in Seoul, Korea. GRAPHIC, which was first published in January 2007, focuses its attention on the other trends of graphic design which is different from the mainstream of it and on the phenomena thereof. It has a characteristic of in-depth approach for one theme with the editorial policy of one issue-one theme.

You may be surprised at the black cover. I can say that it is much affected by the illustrator, Walter Warton. We invited and asked him to make drawings including the reinterpretations of every exhibition, while we were working on this issue introducing these 12 design exhibitions. His line drawings which took about a month are not only expressing his personal sensibilities about the exhibition spaces, but also depicting succinctly the facts of them. The color of background is Black that is symbolic of the limitless inane. Ahead of deadline, we printed out these drawings in the size of A2 and held an informal exhibition of them at a small gallery in Amsterdam for this issue . This issue of is a kind of catalogue for the exhibitions held in the magazine as well as a magazine for introducing 12 design exhibitions. And then we made the cover of “the catalogue” in black.

This issue is to have invited and recreated 12 noteworthy exhibitions which were held in various regions on the paper of our magazine. We made a specific list of exhibitions that are more conceptual and have an insight into a definition of design among the exhibitions held for the past three years. And we have come in contact with the curators of the exhibitions that meet our concept. These 12 exhibitions shown on the page were the works of which curators we made the actual contacts with among them. Although some exhibitions we would like to show were dropped in the process of contact, we came to the conclusion that these 12 lists were enough to show the latest flow of design exhibition, even if there’s a slight difference in their viewpoints on exhibition or their cultural backgrounds.

As we intended, these are different from general types of exhibitions showing the showcase of design products or promotional exhibitions focusing on portfolio. These exhibitions present a design methodology that makes it possible for design to convert itself into the various media, such as graphic design, architect, public space, online space, publishing, etc. and in some meanings, these deserve to be valued as those approaching the center of speculative wave of contemporary design. Many designers who have participated in these exhibitions are experimenting self-initiated design through their cooperation with other culture & art areas.

As the title of this issue “Ideas of Design Exhibition” speaks, we are focusing on the context and the formats of design exhibition. As we repeatedly put some questions to the interviewee about the detail of exhibition, the subject results in one point in the end. It is to introspect the meaning of design exhibition as a kind of media researching and redefining design. Although design journalism often deals with the information about design exhibition, it seldom pays attention to the methodology of exhibition. Thus we think the subject of this issue is well-timed.

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