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GRAPHIC is a graphic magazine published in Seoul, Korea. GRAPHIC, which was first published in January 2007, focuses its attention on the other trends of graphic design which is different from the mainstream of it and on the phenomena thereof. It has a characteristic of in-depth approach for one theme with the editorial policy of one issue-one theme.

This issue is a profile of young graphic design studios established within 3 years who entered a realm of small studio scene. It outlines their concepts, design methodologies and activities in detail.

It is not such a new approach. However, as the title "young studio" indicates, we think it is still necessary to provide the recent version of small studios by defining the functional relationship between how the studios are founded and run and how they perform on individual design activities.

From their attributes as young studios, we can hear the most fresh voices especially of self-initiated graphic design. Concretely, it is an up-to-date list of their design practices on interdisciplinary collaborative projects, independent publishing, writings, lectures, and curatorial projects. Although These might be typified as "critical design", playful, somewhat egocentric atmosphere can be also found in individual activities. This self-referential graphic design is one of the distinctive tendencies of young studios.

On the opening page of each studio, you can find a graphic image in a poster format. This is the result of what they were commissioned by GRAPHIC to express one’s own identity. This image assumably created with intuition is different from "manifesto" but could be a very interesting clue for the readers in terms of directly showing the characteristics of each.
We hope that this will be a healthy reference for everyone, especially for the people who will establish studios by themselves in the future.

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