Graphic Magazine #16; Typefaces Archive


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GRAPHIC is a graphic magazine published in Seoul, Korea. GRAPHIC, which was first published in January 2007, focuses its attention on the other trends of graphic design which is different from the mainstream of it and on the phenomena thereof. It has a characteristic of in-depth approach for one theme with the editorial policy of one issue-one theme.

A typeface specimen. No other label could accurately pinpoint this issue. Each typeface is simply presented by a few key letters that encapsulate the characteristics and specifications of the typeface.

This issue exhibits a wide spectrum of 48 typefaces; some distributed through type foundries while others by the designers themselves; long-term projects that took several years to experimental typefaces designed in a very short period of time; commissioned typefaces to self-initiated projects. Reflecting on the current progressions and diversity of contemporary typeface design, they are exemplary typefaces of the digital era. They represent the developing concepts of design and the increasingly obscure boundaries of typeface design and graphic design.

If you turn the page, you will see a series of key letters in considerably large sizes. Each letter, a meticulously designed form, embodies the intentions and efforts of the designers. It is not necessary to decipher them all, but it is worthwhile to look at each typeface as an object of observation and evaluation. We hope you feel the rhythm, energy and subtlety of each typeface.

This edition was a collaboration of 48 typeface designers and was only made possible by their active participation in all aspects from type-setting to the interview. We thank all the designers who participated and the supporters who have been a valuable source of advice.

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