Graphic Magazine #23; Objects Of Inspiration


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GRAPHIC is a graphic magazine published in Seoul, Korea. GRAPHIC, which was first published in January 2007, focuses its attention on the other trends of graphic design which is different from the mainstream of it and on the phenomena thereof. It has a characteristic of in-depth approach for one theme with the editorial policy of one issue-one theme.

45 Korean graphic designers, design educators, design critics were asked to answer the following question: "What is your object of inspiration?" CONTRIBUTORS Cho Hyukjoon, Cho Hyun, Choi Bittna, Choi Bum, Choi Sulki, Chung Byoungkyoo, Han Jaejoon, Hoon Kim, Jang Moonjung, Jin Dalle + Park Woohyuk, Jeon Eunkyung, Jung Jaewan, Kang E Roon, Kim Doosup, Kim Jangwoo, Kim Jiseok, Kim Kijo, Kim Sangkyu, Kim Suzung, Kim Taehun, Kim Hyunmee, Kim Hyounggyun , Lee Chanhee, Lee Jaemin, Lee Kijoon, Lee Kyeongsoo, Lee Sangchul, Lee Yongje, Lee Youngjoon, Lim Geunjun AKA Lee Chungwoo, Lim Kyungsub, Min Byunggeol, Min Haewon, Min Oh, Oh Changsup, Oh Jinkyung, Park Haecheon, Park Hwalsung, Park Sangil, Park Siyoung, Park Yeounjoo, Shur Kiheun, Yoon Siho, Yu Jiwon, Yun Jaewon

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