IdN v23n1 Contemporary Street Graphics


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Within the issue, you will find street-artist illustrators who have breathed new life into their work through covering walls with large murals, forging an artistic career beyond their wildest dreams having spent their youth painting the buildings of their home town. We tracked down artists in no fewer than 24 cities in 16 countries who are applying their distinctive visual style to any surface they can find to explore their incredible and varied art work.

We posed questions to them about their ideas, creative processes and exceptional skills, moving smoothly between surfaces and applications, mixing street art with illustration, traditional print techniques with digital design, and in so doing, forging sustainable and successful careers. Whether out on the street, working in their studio, or submerged in the middle of nowhere, these artists are at their most comfortable with a spray-can or pencil in hand, seated on the cusp of creation. Sketchbooks give us a glimpse into their creative processes — their studio space is an insight into their world, but it is on the street that their vision is truly realised.

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