Maija Isola: Art, Fabric, Marimekko


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Maija Isola (1927–2001) was the first designer hired by Marimekko. Her most famous print, Unikko, has become the most recognizable icon of the Marimekko Company.

Her early work was inspired by nature, and her first prints were created through a photographic process whereby actual plants were projected onto a screen.

As she matured, her designs became bolder and less detailed, containing large areas of color.,Her travels also played a role in her designs; she spent time in Yugoslavia, Italy and Algeria, incorporating stylistic elements from these varied cultures.

These experiences gave her a vast palette from which to draw, and this range is clearly evident in her far-ranging designs.,Most of the contents of this book are her textile works but also her lifestyle is featured.

This is a valuable title for all sort of designers, textile lovers, those who are interested in Northern European designs, and by all means for Marimekko fans all over the world.

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