Marx: An Illustrated Biography


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Subjects: Children's, Comics, Illustration, Psychology


My name is Karl Marx. I was once nicknamed the Devil for decrying Capitalism.

But, before you judge, let me tell you my story… Karl Marx dreamt of a world free from exploitation, inequality and unemployment. Growing up in an ever transforming capitalist society, Marx sought to address the evils of the world through new ways of thinking – his solution? Revolution!

Of the great political philosophers, few have had as profound and enduring an impact as Karl Marx. In this graphic biography by the creative super-team that brought us Freud, Maier and Simon provide a beautifully witty introduction to the works, actions and philosophy of this great polymathic thinker, a man whose canon of work remains just as relevant today.

Marx is the second in Corinne Maier and Anne Simon’s collection of graphic novels exploring the lives of the most controversial and outspoken figures in modern history.

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