mono.kultur #25 Dave Eggers


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mono.kultur is an independant interview magazine from Berlin. Our concept is as beautiful as it is simple: one issue, one person, one conversation - no more, no less. And so each issue is dedicated entirely and exclusively to one artist from the various fields of culture. Carefully edited, lovingly designed and produced, we want to provide the artists we admire with the time and space they deserve. This one comes from the heart. mono.kultur appears quarterly and in English.

Dave Eggers is a busy man: not only an appraised author since his biographic debut novel ‘A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius’, Eggers also founded the highly successful literary magazine ‘The Believer’, single-handedly revived the short story with his publishing imprint McSweeney’s, founded permanent writing workshops for disadvantaged youth all across America, and recently scripted the acclaimed Hollywood productions ‘Away We Go’ by Sam Mendes and ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Spike Jonze.

In short: Eggers is the man who will leave no stone unturned to lure you back to the printed page. His unique tone of writing provides the perfect soundtrack to the confusion and disillusionment of his generation, oscillating wildly between hyperactive optimism and lethargic melancholy.

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