mono.kultur #35 Marina Abramovic


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mono.kultur is an independant interview magazine from Berlin. Our concept is as beautiful as it is simple: one issue, one person, one conversation - no more, no less. And so each issue is dedicated entirely and exclusively to one artist from the various fields of culture. Carefully edited, lovingly designed and produced, we want to provide the artists we admire with the time and space they deserve. This one comes from the heart. mono.kultur appears quarterly and in English.

Issue 35 of Berlin-based interview magazine mono.kultur features an interview with revered performance artist Marina Abramovic. New York-based Abramovic has been exploring the relationship between performer and audience for the last 40 years.

One of her most well-known (and longest) performances is The Artist is Present, which saw Abramovic sit immobile in a chair for 736 hours and 30 minutes at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 2010. The in-depth interview conducted by David Levine provides a great insight into one of performance art's leading figures.

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