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These three exemplary projects by American artist Trevor Paglen – The Last Pictures (2012), Trinity Cube (2015), and the ongoing cycle of Invisible Images – might be as far removed from our traditional understanding of art as can be. Physically, they bear little resemblance to a painting or installation on view in a museum space; in fact, they are not even designed to necessarily be seen. Instead, they can be understood as both conclusions and catalysts, of and for thinking through complex questions and ideas.

Paglen’s practice straddles a variety of disciplines, from image-making and installations to investigative journalism, writing, engineering, geography and sound design. He has published a number of books on the functioning of the US intelligence and military services, installed a series of Autonomy Cubes in museums and galleries across the world that allow you to access the entirely anonymous Tor network, and is currently working on his own satellite to be launched into space in summer 2018, the first of its kind to not serve any commercial or military purposes.

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