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2015 has been a challenging year for passenger airlines. That said, the High Flying issue of Museum is not an expatiation of current affairs in the realm of flight—it’s an unrestrained meditation on movement in its every form. Inside, writer Monica Uszerowicz meets astronomer Robert J Nemiroff, the co-founder of NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) archive and a professor of physics at Michigan Technological University.

Over an extensive email dialogue, the two discuss his research into gamma-ray bursts, the dated design elements of APOD’s site (and why its founders don’t care for modernising their aesthetic) and the practical business of cataloguing the universe’s ephemera. “A lot of the [thinking] behind APOD was centered on fighting the seeming probability that the developing web would mature into a stupid web, a place where knowledge was just not important,” Nemiroff shares. “By annotating astronomy images, we tried to do our part to help make our part of the web a smart web, where images were tied to real explanations of what was going on.” Mira Calix, the Warp records artist and composer, speaks to architect Theodore Spyropoulos about their thoughts on air travel, from the enforced intimacy of the cabin to the airport as an interface.

In stark opposition is James Hennessy’s interview with Belgian director Johan Grimonprez—almost two decades after the release of his cult film on pre-9/11 skyjackings. “From the 80s onwards,” says Grimonprez, “you see that the terror spectacle was being abused by the media—especially in the United States—and has even accommodated terrorism [to support] a certain agenda. And so you see in the 80s that the face of the hijacker disappears from television, and state terrorism and various state ideologies take over. “ Where planes are concerned: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners share their fluid concept sketches for T4 Madrid Barajas Airport. Benja Harney creates a replica Boeing 787 out of paper. Peter Tarasuik captures the acrobats and contortionists of Cirque Africa—their bodies lithe and machine-like—in quiet moments during rehearsals.

In art, UK artist Ryan Gander speaks to Dan Rule of Perimeter Books, Angelica Mesiti talks cinema and sincerity and Emily Floyd gives nine statements on work. Museum also previews upcoming shows by Broomberg & Chanarin, Fiona Banner and Ry Haskings. Order the issue now.

Plus: major interviews with designer Walter van Beirendonck and milliner Stephen Jones, celebrated with a special, limited edition second cover by illustrator John Booth. Fashion editorials and still life series by Derek Henderson, Gary Heery, Sloan Laurits, Liz Ham, Romain Duquesne, Daniel Gurton, Justin Ridler, Anna Pogossova, Charlie Dennington and Douglas Lance Gibson.

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