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The sixth and latest issue of Museum—themed ‘Sorry… have we met?’—investigates all manner of social faux pas, bad manners, hoaxes, identity mix-ups and intentional disguises over its more than 200 pages.

Inside, you’ll find British artist Gillian Wearing discussing her new show with Claude Cahun at the National Portrait Gallery and masks, which have populated her works in ways both subtle and overt through her career. “We are all masks,” Wearing writes to Museum’s editor, via email, “and to ourselves a mystery too. It is easier to have an opinion about someone else than yourself.”

There are interviews with other artists too. Hayley Morgan speaks to a slew of them (along with curators and and gallerists) about what exactly constitutes bad manners in the art world. New Zealand-born Patrick Pound, who works with tonnes of archival material, is featured in conversation with his friend, the journalist Peter Hill. Bangalore native Sheela Gowda surveys the wholesale market world—from which she gains much of the material for her large-scale installations—and the intricacies of its daily routines. “I enjoy the sensuality of a shop overflowing with varied things, each item seen in multiplicity creating amazing configurations,” she says. “It is so enriching for the eyes, nose, ears, touch. I find shopping in Europe or the US quite uninspiring compared to this.”

The edition includes a specially commissioned dossier of images from Romain Duquesne, shot throughout four cities in Belgium, a nation critically divided by language. He found himself drawn, as if by magnet, to quieter places where words could momentarily evaporate: empty highways and silent side streets with frost-topped cars. There are also black-and-white photographs by Leonard Fink of men cruising in a less-friendly New York, masks and headdresses from the Igbo, an indigenous people of southern Nigeria, and interviews with former BALLY creative director Pablo Coppola (in his last days at thehouse), actor Alan Cumming (speaking to Alison Kubler) and portrait photographer-turned-fine artist Polly Borland, along with a preview of her new show at Murray White Room.

Issue 6 features two covers, both shot in Paris by David Luraschi and styled by Francesca Izzi. In the first, available worldwide, Kearvina Sohun wears a monochrome CHANEL sweater. The second, a limited edition hardcover book (a first for Museum) is bound in vivid blue cloth with an image plate and silvery text. Of the latter, there are only 80 copies available, and only in select stores.

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