Museum Magazine #7 Limited Edition Cover


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Category: Magazines

Subjects: Art, Fashion, Photography


Contemporary art and fashion magazine Museum is one of Australia’s most radical independent titles. Themed FACTORY, Issue 7 has three covers—one photographed by Charles Dennington in Sydney, another by Toby Coulson in London. The third, a limited edition hardcover with pale yellow foiling and a colour photo plate, was photographed in New York by Sloan Laurits.

Only 100 copies of the latter will be available worldwide, exclusive to specialty retailers. Inside the issue, there are 200-plus pages on work and the physical spaces it occurs in—as well as automation, robotics, systems and processes, reproductions, rip-offs and simulations. There are conversations on first jobs and work ethics with designer Paul Andrew of Salvatore Ferragamo, artists Bhenji Ra and Clare Milledge, and The New Yorker’s cartoon editor Emma Allen.

There is a history of the Science Channel’s How It’s Made via ordinary objects. Artist Michael Candy explains his Digital Empathy Device, Cao Fei talks human labour and artificial intelligence, and Nari Ward explores the poetry of meaning. There are also near-100 pages of fashion photographs, and an exclusive dossier of photojournalism images taken in the sweltering heat of the Bhaktapur brick pits in Nepal.

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