New Philosopher #14: Nature



New Philosopher is an independent quarterly magazine devoted to exploring philosophical ideas from past and present thinkers on ways to live a more fulfilling life. Commentary on New Philosopher aims to guide readers into living a happier and freer mode of existence.

In this issue: Of the myriad challenges we face, there is little doubt that the most urgent issue of our time is the destruction of Nature. What use are our gadgets if future generations can’t drink the water? What is the point of advances in medicine if the air is unfit to breathe? We are, in no uncertain terms, at war with the only planet we have. And unless we change tack swiftly, our descendants are certain to judge our actions – and our inaction – harshly.

It is obvious we have a problem; acknowledging this is a start. The question is whether we’re willing to change our combative relationship with Nature – whether we’re prepared to make radical changes to our behaviour so that future generations have the opportunity to flourish.

Some feel that we have gone too far to undo the damage caused, but this is no excuse for sitting on our hands. Instead, we must heed the ancient Chinese dictum: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the next best time is now."

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