Picturing and Poeting



The title of this book is a remark allegedly made by Kurt Schwitters to an acquaintance when asked what he was going to do that day. Frankly, considering his very poor command of English, it seems unlikely. Anyway, the intention was clear. He was off to make things. - Alan Fletcher.

Following on the success of ""The Art of Looking Sideways"", this book presents an eye-catching and mind-teasing collection of visual games, doodles, graphic objects, sketches and quotations, that demonstrates how images can often convey meaning more clearly than text.

It is a fascinating and entertaining exploration of the potential that words have to become pictures, and that drawings have to convey meanings, as well as an intriguing collection of ephemera. Assembled from the notebooks and travel diaries of Alan Fletcher, over a lifetime of noticing the detail and wit in everything and applying his own unique style, this book will appeal to everyone who enjoys visual games, puns and witty stories.

Accompanied by succinct and insightful observations into the nature of meaning and the workings of images, this book attempts to illustrate the inner workings of one of the most creative minds and most internationally influential figures in graphic design working today.

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