Poster Collection 23: In Series



Posters lend themselves perfectly to serial display. The mediation of the message and of the identity of the advertiser are supported by the effects of recognition. In contemporary advertising campaigns, however, this awareness is only rarely used in imaginative and intelligent ways.

This publication illustrates the creative and effective advertising potential of posters in series. In each case illustrated in this volume a specific design concept is followed. In some instances a formal or content-driven approach of subtle variations produces posters bearing only slight differences from the others in the series; in others, the free interpretation of a basic concept can lead to a wide and highly inspirational spectrum of implementations.

Fundamental in the selection of campaigns for this book is the success of a single poster both as a solitary piece and for the additional visual value created by its inclusion in the series.

With an essay by Fabian Wurm and statements by Cyan, Max Küng, Anette Lenz, Vincent Perrottet, Giorgio Pesce, Georg Staehlin, Ruedi Wyss

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