Purple Issue 29 S/S ‘Index 76’ Maurizio Cattelan (Cover 1)


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Subjects: Fashion, Photography

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Purple Fashion offers a unique editorial context unavailable in biannual fashion magazines market, based on integrity, creativity and style.

"The first Purple Index lists 76 of the most creative people in art and fashion - in alphabetical order to avoid any kind of hierarchy. Each was photographed or portrayed through their work. Of course, this number is arbitrary. We could have gone on and shown more. We simply didn't have enough time or enough pages. But all these artists are highly innovative and influential, not only in what they do, but also in how they do it: methodically, ironically, obsessively, or intuitively, and always with style. We interviewed them to understand how they innovate, express themselves, and move forward in a period when creativity is everywhere and relevance is rare." - Olivier Zahm

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