PUSSWEEK Magazine #5


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Pussweek Magazine is a magazine for cats, by cats. Pussweek Issue Five is DOUBLE TROUBLE with two hot covers to get your fur shedding like never before! Get warmed up with The Spook Edition - a.k.a. The Black Issue! We help you figure out if your human is a witch (or just a colossal jerk), become a super bad-ass scary cat, read one cat's real life thermometer horror story, find out the winner of Pussweek's Next Top Model, and loads more!

Then flip your furry butt over for the Fame Issue - featuring famous cats from around the world, including Cole & Marmalade, Sophie The Model, and an up-close intermew with our newest covergirl, Lil Bub! And best of all, Issue Five comes with a SUPER SCARY SEALED SECTION that's so controversial we had to lick it shut! Printed on high quality paper that's great to chew and/or sit on when you're done.

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