PUSSWEEK Magazine Super Mega Deluxe Meowy Catmas 5 pack


RRP: $80.00

Category: Magazines

Meow! It's beginning to look a lot like 'stuff this'. Fur most of us, Catmas means way too many uninvited humans in your house, a totally chaotic litterbox and feeding schedule, and valuable energy spent on general expelling hatred and/or indifference from your hiding spot under the bed. So what better way to wait out the holidays than to get ALL FIVE ISSUES of Pussweek?!! PLUS a bonus MEOWY CATMAS collar pin set & stickers! Over $100 value! The Pussweek Super Mega Ultra Deluxe Meowy Catmas Pack includes: • Pussweek Issue One • Pussweek Issue Two • Pussweek Issue Three - The Ginger Issue • Pussweek Issue Four • The BRAND MEW Pussweek Issue Five - The Black Issue with double cover & sealed section • Meowy Catmas collar pin set to wear with pride • Strictly Cats Only bumper sticker • Pussweek Cat Head sticker • Pawesome catmas gift wrapping, ready to give (or claw open yourself)!

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