Scrabble A5 Notebook


RRP: $19.95

Category: Stationery


People who love words generally love to write too. When they're not playing Scrabble, that is. The Scrabble A5 Notebook is the perfect way to take notes when you're out and about. The front cover is decorated with an image of wooden Scrabble tiles, and each page is edged in red.

This notebook is the perfect place for your favourite Scrabble fan to set their words free!,,Since the game’s first invention back in 1938, Scrabble has captured the imagination of word nerds everywhere. Now, more than seventy years later, Scrabble is produced in 29 different languages, and more than 150 million games have been sold around the world.

Interestingly, Scrabble estimate that somewhere in the world, there are over half a million missing Scrabble tiles. If every Scrabble tile in the world was placed end to end, they’d form a line which would circle the globe. Eight times. Wow. It’s really no wonder Scrabble was such a huge hit.

For lovers of all things wordy, this game is the ultimate challenge.

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