Sequins & Sequence by Kat Macleod


RRP: $20.00

Category: Books

Subjects: Art, Illustration


Sequins & Sequence is a small volume of original illustrations by Kat Macleod.

Perhaps best known for her work on the cult Michi Girl online fashion forecast, Macleod’s economy of line and gesture, distinctive use of materials and beautiful, often humorous renderings of the female form have made her one of Australia’s most esteemed and imitated young illustrators.

Sequins & Sequence marks a fascinating exploration of her unique illustrative processes.

Created after a period of travel in Southeast Asia, her drawings and collages burst with vivid colour and bizarre bird life.

Ornate clusters of sequins and stunningly tactile materials merge with abstract flashes of colour; wily cats stalk oblivious fish; a trip beneath the water reveals a mysterious, mutant ecosystem. Sequins & Sequence is an exciting step forward for Macleod and puts her work in an intriguing new light.

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