Slanted Magazine #25 Paris Issue


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Slanted is published quarterly and combines the sectors typography, layout, illustration and photography. It attends to the topics in greater detail and more intensive. The magazine encourages and calls for a debate on these subjects as an experimental field. It is also about getting to know them, seeing them in a different light, and to reflect on them. Loved and hated, hated and loved - probably no other European nation has a similarly ambivalent relationship to their capital as the French.

In February 2015, the editorial went on a Slanted week trip to Paris to take a look at contemporary design work and the people love to hate the French capital. The Slanted Team met 18 design studios and was a virtuoso handling of the exposed wounds and contradictions of a rapidly changing society and the use of spirit and humor as a subversive tools. The result is extensive studio portraits that paint a vivid, highly topical image of the scene.

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