Sound Materials: A Compendium of Sound Absorbing Materials for Architecture and Design


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Subjects: Architecture, Interior Design


Detailing over 100 sound absorbing materials and finishes with case studies of innovative architectural and design applications. Sound Materials is a definitive resource for architects, designers, acousticians, engineers, students and creative professionals – the first publication of its kind to catalogue over 100 sound absorbing materials, detailing inspiring real-world applications.

Project profiles include work from leading architects and designers such as OMA, Gehry Partners, Foster + Partners, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and Barber & Osgerby. These projects showcase sound absorbing materials in a variety of interior design and architectural contexts and underscore some of the common acoustical and material challenges presented by specific applications, such as healthcare, education, performing arts, office, retail and industrial environments. Fundamental technical concepts are clearly presented to offer readers with an understanding of how materials absorb sound and how these materials are commonly used to reduce noise and reverberation, inform our sense of space, and improve communication in everyday environments.

This book not only surveys an extensive range of materials past, present and emerging, but also highlights many exciting opportunities for future innovation and collaboration at the intersections of acoustical engineering, materials science, design and architecture. A special chapter is devoted to interviews with designers and engineers who work with sound absorbing materials in novel and innovative ways, covering topics such as historic preservation, wayfinding for the blind, digital modelling and fabrication, interior design, and emerging high-tech materials.

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