Spaces: Where Creative People Live, Work & Play: Volume 4


RRP: $24.95


hello, homebodies! frankie’s much-loved interiors book, spaces, is back with volume four, and it’s wall-to-wall with creative cribs. in volume four, we visit our neighbours to the north, with a special section on our favourite asian homes and spaces (they will knock your socks off!). plus of course we pop in for a cuppa and have a sticky-beak with some friendly folk around australia and new zealand, too.

whilst flipping through this chunky 250-page book, you’ll meet a whole bunch of thrifty, creative and interesting folk. they show us their homes, their work places and even introduce us to the people next door. they talk about what makes their places special, and what has inspired their individual looks.

everyone might have tidied up a bit, but none of these places have cost a fortune. what’s special about them is the time, thought and resourcefulness that’s gone into putting them together, in a way that really reflects the people who call them home.

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