The Brand Gap



While most books on branding present an exhaustive (and sometimes exhausting) array of examples and studies to support their theses, author Marty Neumeier takes the opposite tack.

By presenting the least amount of information necessary, and by using the shorthand of the conference room-- illustrations, diagrams, and summaries-- Neumeier brings the big ideas of branding into sharp focus.

In this new edition of the book that AIGA President Clement Mok called the only book you'll need to read in business, engineering, and design school, Neumeier shows readers how to bridge the gap between brand strategy and brand execution.

After explaining what a brand is (and isn't) and discussing the foundations of a brand, Marty takes readers through five critical disciplines: Differentiation, Collaboration, Innovation, Validation, and Cultivation.

The book also includes a summary of key take-home lessons and-- new in this edition--a dictionary of essential branding terminology.

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