The Designful Company


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This is the third branding book from Marty Neumeier, best selling author of ZAG and The Brand Gap.

In The Designful Company, Marty explores design and explains how to use design to transform a business, a brand, and the way a company operates.

If innovation drives differentiation, what drives innovation? The answer, hidden in plain sight, is design. Design contains the skills to identify possible futures, invent exciting products, build bridges to customers, and crack wicked problems, and more. As Marty argues, 'if you wanna innovate, you gotta design.'

The discipline of design has been waiting patiently in the wings for nearly a century, relegated to supporting roles and stand-in parts. Until now, companies have used design as a beauty station for identities & communications, or as the last stop in a product launch.

Never has it been used for its potential to create rule-bending innovation across the board. Meanwhile, the public is developing a healthy appetite for all things design.

The Designful Company will show business leaders how to apply design thinking to every phase of their enterprise.

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