The Evolution of Type


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Subjects: Graphic Design, Typography


A journey through the development of type design and typographic style from Gutenberg to the latest digital fonts. Chosen to represent the key elements of form used by the punch cutters, calligraphers and designers of their day, and presented in chronological order by release date, each typeface is discussed in terms of its origins and its impact on the design and print industries, and considerations for screen use.

Versions released in metal type for hand-setting and for the Monotype and Linotype machines, as phototype, and as digital revivals or originals, are covered in detail alongside information about the people responsible for the design and development of each adaptation.

Key glyphs are annotated to indicate features that mark out how typeface design has evolved over the last 500 or so years. Visual comparisons illustrate how typefaces created years ago have influenced contemporary designs.

For the general reader, this book offers a thorough history of the typefaces we have been reading for decades; for typographers and designers, it is a valuable resource that will help to inform their choice of the most appropriate typeface for any project.

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