The Gourmand: A Food and Culture Journal Issue #08


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The Gourmand is an award-winning food and culture journal with a broad subject base and an international reach. Bringing together inspirational words, images, and ideas with the universal subject of food, the biannual journal was founded in London in 2011 by David Lane and Marina Tweed.

The Gourmand is inspired by the multiple meanings associated with food across continents, and particularly by the exciting cultural shift that has taken place around producing, cooking, and eating over the past few decades. The Gourmand strives to reflect and inform this shift, and to recognise the communicative power of food, as well as its role as a catalyst for creativity of all kinds. Within the journal’s pages, the past, present, and future of food is represented with unparalleled images, text, and design.

The idea for The Gourmand came out of a dinner conversation amongst friends at David and Marina’s table a few years ago. Since then, the publication has strived to capture the exciting work being done at the crossroads of the culinary and creative industries. The list of contributors has grown to include noted photographers, artists, and writers, all of whom are given free rein to explore their creativity and share unusual, engaging, and unexpected perspectives.

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