The School of Life: How to Live in the City



We need self-help books like never before, and that is why The School of Life, in conjunction with Pan Macmillan, has established a new format for the self-help book. In the first two series we examined some of the great issues of life – work, sex, money, emotional maturity, aging, adversity and solitude.

This new series builds on the strengths of the first two, tackling some of the hardest issues of our lives in a way that is genuinely informative, helpful and consoling.

Building a relationship with a city is a lot like building a relationship with another person - just as cities can be intoxicating, generous and inspiring, so they can also be dangerous, fickle and impenetrable. How to Live in the City is a book for navigating and nurturing this important relationship.

Hugo Macdonald believes you need to feel a city to understand it. He won't tell you how wide the perfect pavement should be but he will show you how to walk down a pavement with eyes wide open. This is a book to help you feel human in an inhuman environment.

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